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Contract / Custom Manufacturing Program

Do you want to create your own brand of products?
If so, read on to see what it takes:
  • you have a good idea of what you are looking for
  • you want a few hundred/thousand of each product/larger batch sizes
  • you are comfortable with label design, concepts, branding
  • perhaps you want to buy bulk and package yourself
  • you appreciate it may take more time/effort than you anticipated
  • you are willing to invest in custom packaging and larger up-front costs
  • you know that minimum order quantities apply for custom packaging (ie soft tubes) 
  • new product R&D starts at $100/hr


We don't want to scare you but if you are still comfortable, here are some of our capabilities:
  • Health Canada site-licensed facility (manufacturing/packaging/labeling)
  • BC manufacturing facility
  • Agile small-batch manufacturing
  • Ingredients sourcing and importation
  • Sourcing custom packaging
  • Product consulting
  • Bulk oil blending
  • Cosmetic emulsions (creams/lotions)
  • Haircare products
  • Single batch size up to 1200L
  • Large stick and planetary gear mixers
  • Steam jacket kettles
  • High speed fully automatic ultrasonic sealing soft tube machine
  • Manual ultrasonic soft tube sealing machine
  • Semi-auto gear filling machines
  • Semi-auto piston filling machine
  • High speed fully automatic labeler
  • Semi-auto labeling machines
  • Induction cap sealing machine
  • Heat shrink tunnel
  • Carton palletizing
  • Dock level loading with electric forklift
  • LTL truck freight and customs expertise
    Bulk products, variations, or complete turn-key finished products.
    Give us a call and see what we can do for you.
    Toll-free 1-888-747-6287.